lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2007

Cephalus & Procris

In this myth, Aurora falls in love with a beautiful youth called Cephalus, but he's in love with his wife Procris. So she allows him to go home, warning him that one day he would be sorry he ever saw her again.

Now it just so happened that Cephalus was fond of hunting, and there was a particularly cunning fox hanging around his woods. He spent a long time chasing it, and when he was hot he talked to the breeze, telling him to comfort him, to cool his heat, etc.

Someone heard Cephalus thus, and believed he was cheating on his wife. That person told her, and she was outraged, yet decided to suspend her judgment until she had proof.

So she followed him while he went hunting, and hearing him talking to the breeze in what must have been dirty talk three thousand years ago, she cried out.

Cephalus thought she was a fox, and speared her, only to discover his wife. He explained to her what had happened, but it was too late.

She died. Another tragic love story. I really feel that if lovers actually stopped assuming things, and actually slowed down and thought before killing themselves, the suicide/murder rates in Ancient Greece would go way down

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